We pack in an organized manner.

We pack in an organized manner.

I say this on every senior move. “It’s all about the destination.

Senior move specialists always “pack based on destination.” That means we start our packing process by asking the question: “where will it go in the new home?” This is just another way to say “imagine.”

For example, we had a long day of packing for an elderly client. The three of us were constantly touching base about how we would unpack and where things will go the next day.

Having a solid image of where one is moving and how things will be arranged is one of the most stress-reducing contributions we can make to our clients. This lady, in particular, is beginning to have short-term memory loss, so to be able to point to a floor plan and say, “See, we planned for this together – your things will be moved where you want them to go. They have a place in your new home”.

Today we repeated “destination” it until it almost became a mantra. It really is a journey. We take people from point A to point B, physically and emotionally, with ease and with compassion. I am so glad to be on this journey with our clients. Imagine.