Clients often say, “We don’t know where to begin!”

The good news is . . . we do!

As senior move managers we know to begin with good attitudes and good planning. We listen to you and what you want your new home to be like. Then we plan the space with you and set up a schedule that works for you. Once we have the plan then the work of downsizing, packing, moving and unpacking can begin. It’s our job to make the process seamless and uneventful, not stressful and overwhelming!

While every move is different, take a look at how the process might work: 

Senior move manager listening to client

We Listen

That doesn’t seem like a senior move service, but we start with listening because it sets the tone for everything we do. We listen to your worries, to the stories you have about your home and the items in it. We listen about what makes this place yours and to your ideas for your new home. We realize we are packing and moving more than things, we are moving your memories and your identity. WE listen to learn and understand.

New senior move map

We Plan

Planning involves measuring your current furniture as well as your new home. We take digital pictures of both places so we can be sure we see the details. We draw a floor plan on the iPad – it is easier to move things around electronically than to move heavy furniture on move day! If needed we can generate a picture plan. And of course, we set up a schedule for sorting sessions, a move date, etc.
Senior move manager sorting items

We Sort

All senior moves go through a declutter and reorganizing process because we all collect so many things over the years. It’s human! Our staff works with you to ensure you are taking the things you love and truly need. For those things you no longer need, we have vetted resources for selling, consigning, donating, recycling, shredding, shipping items to family or whatever it takes to disperse the things you no longer need. Yes, we will even keep lists and get donation receipts!

Senior move manager packing boxes

We Pack

We pack much differently than movers. Since we have planned the move together we pack only what we have planned to bring. Often things are planned to go in a different room or to a different closet, so we pack based on the destination and not the current location in the home.

Moving company moving a senior

We Move

While we are not movers, we do know all the good, responsible, insured movers who are polite and will handle your belongings with care and respect. On move day, we oversee the movers telling them what to load on the truck and what is not going. In the new home, since we have a floor plan, we easily direct them in the placement of your furniture and boxes.

Happy husband and wife moving to new location

We Unpack

It’s like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one! It’s exciting to see your belongings freshly placed in your new home. After unpacking we remove all the boxes and packing materials so you have clear pathways and feel all settled in!

We Hang Pictures

The final touch . . .we find that hanging pictures makes your new home really, really feel like home. And we LOVE to hang pictures. Again, your choice as to where they go. It really is a joy to see them up in new places.

National Association of Senior Move Managers