This year, my goal is to move seniors as easy and simple as possible. Sounds like an invitation for chaos, yes? So far so good. 

We like to present a floor plan of our client’s new home so they know exactly how it will look when they move. Here comes the simplicity I was seeking. I discovered a great app called Floorplans that will allow us to create floor plans on our iPads right in the living rooms of our clients. 

I’m not a technology whiz, but this app helps us move seniors in a smooth and easy way. We can create a floor plan for a space as small as a studio apartment up to a 4 bedroom single family home.

We recently created a 2-story floor plan for a client moving to a new house. We literally sat in her living room and we pointed and moved the furniture around on the iPad. So simple, immediate gratification, happy client! 

Happy H2H.