So, I’ve been imagining what our new home will be like when we move; dreaming the vision into existence. Then my mom calls and says she and my dad have applied to the local senior community to move there when they get an opening.

Dreamus interuptus.

But I’m a Senior Move Manager and we don’t blink at calls like this. We carry on and do what needs to be done, no matter how hard. So, I am spending the weekend with my mom and dad and treating them like clients AND parents. We’ve talked about when they are moving and when they need to get the house on the market and we have made some inquiries into selling some of their things. We even made an inventory of the items in the house and will distribute that to my siblings as a way to easily disperse items to family members. Things we typically do with our clients.

It feels so cold.

This is my mom and dad! Not just anybody! Have I been this heartless in my business? As a daughter, of course, I wish my parents would live forever and that they would never have to move.

I am cherishing this opportunity to be with my folks during maybe a not so stressful time. As a senior move manager, I’m always touting about bringing calm to stressful times – but my folks are already calm about the move. I really don’t need to stir up stress so  I calm it down! Nice!

Now, it feels too easy.

My mom and I went to the YMCA for yoga this morning and the instructor read about love that loves unconditionally. I feel like I can love what life is dealing me right now. I can love my parents and embrace this transition with them with understanding and grace. I can love my own transition to a new home and embrace it with understanding and grace. I pray that I can be wise enough to accept what life is dishing out and say, “thank you! I love it!” Wouldn’t that attitude just change everything?

Now I feel hope.