Connecting The Dots

//Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots



My daughter has found this great new game app called “Flow Free.” There are 6-10 pairs of colored dots and you draw a line connecting them in a way that no lines are broken. Take a look at the photos here. Man, is she good at it! I’m pretty good too, but when I get stuck she looks at it and 3 seconds later has the dots connected.

It hit me that the reason i’m good at this is that I do this all day with my work. (With my daughter she is just smart that way). I literally connect the dots. Point A to point B. A to B, A to B, Here to Home. Here to charity, Here to the trash. A to B.

I know it’s not a game, moving people from their current homes to new homes. But I know we do it well. We are tenacious and loving. When we know our points of departure and our destination points it is really just a matter of finding – or making – the best path.

Fortunately, if you or someone you know is stuck at point A, we know a lot of point B’s and the best way to get there.

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